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Date Venue Event/Bands
Dec 09 2017 Kubox, Kuurne, Belgium Blast From The Past - Girlschool, Diamond Head, Demon, Tytan, Stampede, Tysondog, The Deep and Spartan Warrior
Dec 02 2017 O2 Sheffield, UK HRH NWOBHM 2 - Raven, Diamond Head, Satan, Praying Mantis, Avenger, Grim Reaper, Holocaust, Gaskin, Mick Underwoods 'Glory Road' and many more
Oct 07 2017 Fismes, France British Steel #6 - Oliver Dawson Saxon, Gang, Osgoroth, Cloven Hook, Tytan, and many others
Sept 30 2017 Bury, UK Grimm Up North - Oliver Dawson Saxon, Holocaust, Sister Rose, Savage, TysonDog, Tytan, Avenger, Toledo Steel, Spartan Warrior, and many others
April 1 2017 Hertford, UK WedFest #4 - Dealer (UK), Toledo Steel, Spartan Warrior, New Device, Heavy Metal Kids
March 11 2017 Barcelona, Spain MataRock #4 - with ADN and Streamer
February 23 2017 Newcastle, UK BROFEST #5 - with Oliver Dawson Saxon, Demon, Tokyo Blade, Saracen, Mythra, and many more ...
Oct 26 2016 Fruit, Hull, UK with Tygers of Pan Tang
Sept 24 2016 P60 Amstelveen, Netherlands Heavy Metal Maniacs with Chris Holmes, RAM, Savage, Iron Thor, Iron Kobra ... !!!
Sept 23 2016 Engis, Liege, Belgium ... with FireForce, Drakkar, SubSonic, JohnL
July 30 2016 Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Germany Headbangers Open Air - with Tytan, Angel Witch, Armored Saint, Ostrogoth, Q5, Sacred Reich, The Deep, Desolation Angels, Vardis, Oliver Dawson Saxon, and many others ...
June 4 2016 Tyrolen, Sweden MuskelRock - with Diamond Head, Vardis, Rock Goddess, TysonDog, and many others ...
April 30 2016 Northwich Memorial Court, UK with Diamond Head, Witchfynde and Spartan Warrior
Jan 30 2016 O'Riley's, Hull, UK with Skarlett Riot and Broken Glass
Oct 3 2015 Fismes, France British Steel festival IV - (in place of Oliver Dawson Saxon who'd had to cancel) - with Tygers of Pan Tang, Gang, Avenger, TysonDog, The Amorettes, Wizz Wizzard and M-Pire of Evil
Aug 30 2015 Lostock, Northwick, UK RockWich 2015 - with Avenger, Big Foot, Texas Flood, Bad Touch, Chasing Dragons, New Device and many others
Aug 29 2015 The Rock Den, Hatfield, UK Power & Glory II - with Kaine, The Deep, Avenger UK, Martyr & Tytan
Aug 01 2015 Rochefort, Belgium
Aug 01 2015 Gut-Haarbecke, Germany BÄÄÄM Festival - with Asgard, Lonewolf, Wizard, Jutta Weinhold, Necronomicon, Grailknights, Mystic Prophecy, Debauchery, Death Dealer and many others
June 27 2015 Winton Lodge, Biggar, Scotland Wildfire Festival - with Diamond Head, Tygers of Pan Tang, Coldspell, Holocaust, TysonDog, Press To Meco, bigfoot, The Parallex Method, Silverjet, and many other great band!s!
April 25 2015 The Rock Den, Hatfield, England Dealer, Thir13een
Jan 31 2015 Cité Culture, Brussels, Belgium Drakkar, Tortuga Boulevard
Jan 30 2015 Rock'n'Oldies, Bastogne, Belgium
Nov 28 2014 The Music Room, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Ascendant, Eon Haze
Nov 08 2014 Kyttaro Live, Athens, Greece Rock You To Hell - Q5, Grim Reaper, Persian Risk, Avenger, Martyr and many more
Oct 19 2014 Le Klub, Paris, France The Traps, Dreamcatcher and The Glimmers
Oct 18 2014 Le Black Pearl, Laigneville, France with Irminsul
Oct 11 2014 Trowbridge Civic Centre, Trowbridge, UK Rock Diabetes - Diamond Head, Jaguar and many others
Sep 6 2014 Stereo, Glasgow, Scotland Spartan Warrior, Amulet and Disaster Area
Jul 23 2014 Germany Headbangers Open Air - Anvil, Diamond Head, Oliver Dawson Saxon, Tygers of Pan Tang, Soldier and many others!
Apr 19 2014 Stadskaanal, Netherlands Very 'Eavy Festival - Tygers of Pan Tang, Killer, Avenger and many others!
Mar 15 2014 Circolo Colony, Brescia, Italy Play It Loud Festival - Holocaust, Black Rose, Muro, Ruler, and many others!
Nov 23 2013 The Fleece, Bristol, UK Jaguar and Dream Overkill [no Dealer RIP Pete Gentil]
Nov 16 2013 Fruit, Hull, UK Soulflame
Nov 9 2013 Uelsen, Germany MetalStorm and In Empty Eyes
Nov 8 2013 Willemeen, Arnhem, Netherlands Jackal
Mar 2 2013 Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK BROFEST#1 - Tysondog, Avenger, Spartan Warrior, Badge, Bashful Alley, Scarab, Holocaust, Amulet, Deep Machine
Dec 16 2012 Piper Club, Hull, UK Metieval Winterfest - Power Quest, Alice in Thunderland, Innersylum, Battalions, Infernal Creation, Pastel Jack and XIII
Nov 30 2012 Trillians RockBar, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Avenger and Spartan Warrior
Sep 29 2012 Oostrozebeke, Belgium Ages of Metal - Mandrake Blackstone, Holy Moses, Tysondog, Vengeance, Chariot, Black Widow, And Infinite Translation
Sep 28 2012 Negasonic, Belgium Aalst, Belgium
Sep 22 2012 Villa Rosa di Martinsicuro, Italy Heavy Metal Night - Killer, Unreal Terror, Phanton X, Gunfire 80, Ancillotti, Baphomet's Blood, Doomraiser
Dec 9 2011 The New Adelphi Club, Hull, UK
Nov 20 2010 The New Adelphi Club, Hull, UK
May 31 1983 Tiffany's, Hull, UK Live Wire rock disco
May 6 1983 Hull Truck Theatre, Hull, UK Spider and Raider
Apr 16 1983 Hull City Hall, Hull, UK Humberside Rock Spectacular - Stallion, Les Yeux, Nine "Plays Hendrix", Moselle, Quasar, Spoil, Doggy Oswald, Jelly Fish Kiss, Clox, and Vortex
Mar 16 1983 The New York, Hull, UK
Feb 19 1983 Welly Club, Hull, UK
Feb 16 1983 Huddersfield Polytechnic, UK
Feb 2 1983 Dingwalls, Hull, UK
Jan 26 1983 The New York, Hull, UK
Nov 9 1982 Huddersfield Polytechnic, UK Battle of the Band competition - Salem were the winners
Oct 20 1982 Jap's Wine Bar, Doncaster, UK
Oct 12 1982 The Royal Park Leeds, UK
Nov 20 2010 The New Adelphi Club, Hull, UK
Sep 10 1982 Welly Club, Hull, UK Live Wire rock disco
Jul 9 1982 Welly Club, Hull, UK Live Wire rock disco
Jun 30 1982 The New York, Hull, UK
May 12 1982 The Tower, Hull, UK Diamond Head
May 8 1982 The Quaker Bar (?), Darlington, UK
Apr 28 1982 The New York, Hull, UK
Apr 27 1982 Ganstead Hotel, Hull, UK Hull & District Motorcycle Club
Apr 26 1982 The Tower, Hull, UK Tygers of Pan Tang, Spider, Generator and Raider
Apr 22 1982 The Oriental, Hull, UK
Apr 15 1982 Royal Park, Leeds, UK
Apr 2 1982 Pier Hotel, Cleethorpes, UK
Apr 1 1982 Marples, Sheffield, UK
Mar 31 1982 The New York, Hull, UK
Mar 25 1982 Jap's Wine Bar, Doncaster, UK
Mar 18 1982 Tiffany's, Hull, UK Live Wire rock disco
Mar 15 1982 The Tower, Hull, UK Budgie and Arctic Raiders
Mar 2 1982 The Tower, Hull, UK Magnum
Feb 16 1982 Jap's Wine Bar, Doncaster, UK
Feb 14 1982 Hull Truck Theatre, Hull, UK Raider
Jan 14 1982 The Oriental, Hull, UK
Nov 18 1981 Hull University, Hull, UK
Nov 5 1981 The Oriental, Hull, UK
Nov 1 1981 Hull Truck Theatre, Hull, UK Redeye
Oct 31 1981 The Tower, Hull, UK Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Raider and Vital Force
Oct 2 1981 Pier Hotel, Cleethorpes, UK
Oct 1 1981 The Oriental, Hull, UK
Jul 16 1981 The Oriental, Hull, UK
Mar 10 1981 Tiffany's, Hull, UK Live Wire rock disco
Jan 11 1981 Hull Truck Theatre, Hull, UK Alkatrazz
Nov 23 1980 Hull Truck Theatre, Hull, UK The Cowboys
Oct 16 1980 The Floral Hall, Hornsea, UK The Crack

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